Spongie's Whimsicals
Old-Fashioned Monkeying Around


Spongie's Whimsicals offers a vast variety of HAND MADE WITH MUCH LOVE old-fashioned sock monkeys.Monkeys are made from a variety of high quality socks and are available in a variety of sizes, colors and graphics.Each monkey is unique in design. No two are alike! We offer an assortment of monkeys, including The ORIGINAL old-fashioned monkey, The DIVA collection,The MONKEY WITH AN ATTITUDE collection,The SPORTY collection,The COLLEGIATE collection, The GUESS MY PROFESSION collection ,The LONG-LEGGED CRAZY EYED collection, The FUZZY monkey, The MINKY monkey, The SPECIAL OCCASION monkey and much, much more....
We offer a large assortment of outfits and accessories to create your own look. At Spongie's Whimsicals ,it's all about creativity, originality, but more importantly fun! We guarantee you will be as proud in the owning or giving as we are in the making. Give that special someone in your life the perfect gift,a unique original from Spongie's Whimsicals We carry high-quality professionally hand crafted merchandise.

At Spongie's Whimsicals we strive to remember "THE WAY LIFE USED TO BE".

At Spongie's Whimsicals, we provide customers a wide selection lovable handcrafted monkeys,outfits and accessories at affordable prices. We carry an extensive inventory. Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone special you will find it at our store.

Visit us today at Spongie's Whimsicals Sock Monkeys & Gifts now located at SPONGIE ACRES BED & BREAKFAST, 610 Matlock Rd., Bowling Green,KY www.spongieacresbedandbreakfast.com

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